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Established in 1979, Monterrey is one of the most important cities in México. Not just economically but also for its culture and people that makes it unique. Located between mountains and wonderful scenery, It has some of Mexico's finest food. Our restaurant proudly carries its name, our food is flavor and tradition.

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Chris Womack ***** this is my favorite Mexican restaurant hands down. The food is always great but it comes second to the level of service. Pablo Perez and his team go out of their way every visit to make your family fell like you are part of there's. i could eat with them 5 nights a week.


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Monterrey is a family owned restaurant since 1969. We have several locations across the Metro Atlanta Area. Please visit our sister location in Smyrna • Jonesboro • Marietta wher you will find same friendly servicehome Previo



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Awesome food and even better service. Armando out did himself once again! Best Mexican Food in town.

Anson Patten

Best Serivice hands down

Melanie Speer

***** Always has been and always will be my favorite Mexican Restaurant anywhere <3 the staff there!

Michelle Mahaney

Food was very good, staff friendly and efficient. Had hot salsa for my husband that was excellent. Will come back when next in the area.

Dianne 7602 Trussville, Alabama

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9486 Highway 5 Douglasville, GA 30135
Arbor Square Shopping Center

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